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 Take a dip in a lake in Japan, explore a graveyard in Spain,

or run away and join the circus: you can do it all within these pages….  


There is no defined standard, no law of literary criticism, no specific genre code reflected in GlassFiree Anthology.  Rather, our goal was to represent as many good writers from as many different genres as possible and to assemble those stories that might not have found their way into print because of their inability to be placed in a strict category.  This collection is the representation of our belief that good writing should not be overlooked or shunned because it is not easily describable.  In fact, maybe this ability to break away from the cookie-cutter mold should make it even more valuable.  


Featuring fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry by the following:

Kurt Kirchmeier
Vera Nenadovic
Audrey Fine
Ben Walton
Kara Hadley
Michael Galande
Deborah Starr
Gerri Leen
Kristine Ong Muslim
Crysta K. Coburn
Robert Cole
Adrian Ludens
Todd Stong
Brooklyn Darkchild
Kyle Flak
Leigh Byrne
Matt Mullins
Dawn Dupler
Faith Gardner
Richard Hartshorn
Amanda Crandall
Cope Hayden
Benarsi Devima
LeAnne Ray
Adam Byrn Tritt
Carl Alves
Christi Gravett
Robert Villanueva




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