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Hello, all, and welcome to the last issue of our second volume.  We’ve made it two years now, thanks to all of you readers and authors.  We’ve also come to realize that there’s much more to putting together an online magazine is much more work than we originally thought, and it’s taking us more time to read and edit each issue than it did in the beginning.

Most people have been very patient with us in regards to getting their stories and poems turned back around to them; however, we’d like to remind everyone that in the publishing business the longer it takes to hear back about your submission, the better your work faired in the narrowing down of submissions.  It can be detrimental to your piece if you send us an email query once a week, every week as soon as the deadline has passed.  In all honesty, it shouldn’t affect our decision, but it is human nature to think of a person who does that as “high maintenance” and disregard them as professionals. 

 That being said, we’d like to let you know that we’re revising our reading process a bit. Instead of waiting until all of the submissions come in for an issue before reading, we’re going to read submissions as we receive them. This means if we get a submission that doesn’t quite work for us, the author will be able to submit it elsewhere more quickly. We’ll be creating a stack of “maybe” submissions over the three months before the issue’s deadline, then narrowing that stack down to our final pieces. 

 Good news – Ever since our editorial explaining our lack of nonfiction submissions, we’ve received a good number of nonfiction pieces. However, the fiction and poetry submissions still far outnumber the nonfiction. We also get less than half a dozen art submissions per issue. If you write nonfiction or do any sort of artwork (drawings, paintings, photography, etc.), we encourage you to submit them not only to us but to other publications as well.

 Too many people send off their work here and there, disregarding the fact that there are outlets ready and willing to buy their work.  The worst you may get from us is a rejection, the best is acceptance.  If you remember nothing else in the publishing industry, remember we can’t buy what we don’t see.  While we may not buy your work every time, someday a piece may just strike our fancy, so don’t be afraid to send us stuff each submission period.

 -Matt & Kristina