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Hello, everyone. 

This issue of GlassFire brings with it a lot of changes and announcements, some good, some not so good.  Let's start with the good news: Florilegium, our ebook anthology, is now available for purchase from Amazon.  It features seven of our outstanding GlassFire authors.  Each of them has contributed a story on the theme of "out of the ordinary."  As we hoped, each author took that theme and ran with it in his or her own unique way, so we have seven very different and very entertaining tales for you.  If you've got a Kindle, you can purchase Florilegium here.  It's only $3.50.  If you don't have a Kindle, you can still read Kindle books on your computer by downloading a free Kindle for PC program from Amazon.  It lets you read any Kindle book.
Now for some of the bad news.  GlassFire is going to be cutting back on publications for a year or so.  Matt has been having some major health issues, and it's reached the point that he's not able to work on the magazine as much as he would like.  Because of this, we're going to only do two issues for 2010: a spring issue and a fall issue.  We're going to try to have them published in May and September.  All submissions we currently have will be considered for these issues, so if you've submitted anything in 2009 and haven't heard back from us regarding it, it is still under consideration for 2010.
As of this posting (January 12, 2010), we are no longer accepting submissions for GlassFire.  If you snail mailed anything to us in the past few days, we will still take them, but we will be returning email submissions unread starting immediately.  We've got a large slush pile to read through, and it's going to take awhile.
Thank you all for your support of GlassFire over the past years.  We hope to get back to our standard quarterly publications in 2011, and we hope to do more projects like Florilegium once Matt is healthy again.  We hate to slow down on GlassFire, but  we don't see any alternative at this point.  We hope you all continue to read our little ezine, and we look forward to reading more of your works in 2011.

Matt & Kristi


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