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You guys might know that we have been running a little bit behind at PegLeg Publishing. This has been due to a large increase in the number of submissions we are receiving being in direct competition with the amount of time that we have to read through them. We have a set and established amount of time to get through the submissions, and with the increase in volume we just haven't been able to catch up. Plus, we also tend to take on a lot more than handle because we want to expand our business. In reality it's no excuse, we should be sure to keep up with our obligations no matter what.

We are working on a surprise for this e-anthology! Yay! While it has caused us to get behind somewhat, we are still going to work as hard as we can to make sure that it is up and running successfully by the middle of July or August.

You may be asking, why an online book? Well, we tried to do a regular print anthology in 2007, and although it turned out wonderfully, we couldn't clear the print costs with the number of anthologies that were actually sold. So, this year we are going to see how we do with a completely digital publication. Since the world is going completely viral (and we were already halfway there with the publication of an e-zine), we figured that an e-book is just the next logical step in our company's evolution. Plus, we can get the anthology to you for a simple fee of $3.50 (instead of the print version's $12), thereby cutting your costs by a significant margin as well.

In conclusion, if you have been waiting for a response from us, or for the new issue of GlassFire to post, don't worry that we've gone under. We are just a little bit slow at getting the job done. We are in the writing field after all, and what are English people if not procrastinators?

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Thank you so much!